Sam Concepcion Uses Anne, Jasmine Curtis, Julia Barretto for Fame?

This is the buzzing issue in social media, as Sam Concepcion blurredly confessed on Buzz ng Bayan that he and Jasmine Curtis are sort of, officially together.


“I guess so, oo”, was the answer of the Mira starrer.

This was found by many netizens kind of intriguing. An answer like that as many tweetizens say is not manly enough, unsure about the real status.

Tweetizens pointed out that that Sammy appeared like using the controversies involving him and Anne Curtis to get a share of the spotlight for his career.

The matinee idol has also dragged the Julia Barretto into it controversy pit, but insists nothing is going on between him and the Mira lead star.

Sam has put final closure on the confrontation and said that all is okay now with Anne.

As with Jasmine, Sam thinks her girlfriend’s family probably likes him since he has spent time with the father and mother.

But what do you think? Is Sam really sure with Jasmine and their relationship? What do you think about that statement, “I guess so, oo” when asked about their real score?

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