Sagot ni Maine Mendoza Why She Takes Care of This

Maine Mendoza is known for her bubbly, carefree, sunshine and ball of joy and energy personality.


But she knows how to discipline herself. Something she learned from parents. And that is why she takes good care of her image online.

Notice that she does not like all the negas posted. It is because she learned from parents to be good and kind human to one another.

Thanks Maine for being a good example to the youth. This is why she is chosen by big companies to represent them.

Take for example the big company TikTok. In this day and age of fast information sharing, privacy concerns. And appropriate videos for young viewers.

TikTok shares with Maine the value of take good care of one another. TikTok like Maine wants to share only good vibes, wholesome quality entertainment through their app. Thanks for trusting Maine TikTok.

Other related info, tips, articles about TikTok. It has a billion users worldwide and some of its users have tens of millions of followers . I had talked about it a year ago, but it’s worth returning to the subject by repeating the rules to use TikTok safely and have fun.

First, the age limit of 13 years set by the creators of the app must be respected: on TikTok there are also things not suitable for children . If you lie about your age and TikTok notices it, your account will be deleted.

Set up your account to be private, so what you create will only be seen by friends. Many use TikTok in a public way hoping to become famous, but the odds are low and instead the very real risk is to become haunted by bullies and other disreputable characters.
Block and filter comments : you can prohibit certain words or disable comments altogether. Do not rely on the judgment of strangers.

Chat only with the people you know in real life.

Don’t make videos in easily recognizable places that can reveal where you are.

Remember that a video placed on the Internet will remain there forever: something you now find funny could come back to haunt you in the future. Think before you post.

If you see something on TikTok that you think shouldn’t be there, report it and TikTok will evaluate it and delete it.

For parents , let me point out that it is possible to make purchases through the app and therefore it is advisable to activate parental controls to avoid scams and unwanted purchases.

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