Roxanne Acosta Files Rape Case Against Vhong Navarro

While the Vhong Navarro- Cedric-Deniece case is still going on, a new rape case emerges and is filed by a lady named Roxanne Cabañero Acosta against the actor-comedian on Wednesday at the Pasig City Prosecutor’s Office


Roxanne is a 24 year old and a former pageant contestant who claimed she was raped by Navarro last 2010.

In an interview by Atty. Virgilio Batalla, the legal counsel of the rape victim, with Kabayan Noli De Castro, his client is now filing the case because she got inspired by Deniece Cornejo.

“Roxanne decided to file a case of rape against Vhong because of Deniece Cornejo case,” Atty. Virgilio Batalla said.

“She is willing to face the consequences,” Atty. Virgilio added.

Atty. Virgilio did not give further information about the case and his client.

The photo above is taken from Vhong Navarro’s Facebook fan page.

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