Review of Tribit XFree Tune, Price is 2,659.24 Philippine Peso

Tribit XFree Tune Review


Tribit is a virtually unknown brand with a very bad website , which you probably would not give a lira (or even a euro). I heard about this company in a subreddit where we discuss audio devices and, intrigued, I wanted to try something. I was pleasantly surprised by Tribit XSound Go that I reviewed a few months ago, but these Tribit XFree Tunes hit me even more. So I’ll tell you right away: if you’re looking for cheap wireless headphones to listen to music, at the moment these are the headphones you’re looking for. Let’s see why.

Inside the package, beyond the headphones, we find a USB-microUSB cable for charging (ridiculously short), the audio jack to connect them in an analogical way (1.2 meters long) and a semi-rigid case in which to store them.

Although the cables are not particularly long and the house is rather anonymous, for less than 50 € we would not have dared to ask for anything better.

Even on the construction front we are at excellent levels, especially in relation to the price at which they are sold: the headphones are solid and well made , with comfortable padding and a metal body inside the bow. The design is quite anonymous but not unpleasant and, even based only on the appearance, the XFree Tunes seem easily comparable to much more expensive headphones.

The headphones are foldable , which allows us to easily store them in the case for carrying them around, and the locking mechanism appears solid and reliable. The pavilions are slightly flexible and covered in faux leather: probably in summer they will make you sweat a little, but for now they are fine.

The headphones are over ear , so the pavilions completely surround the ears; unfortunately the padding does not seem to be removable, so you can not replace it when it will wear out. In any case, there is not too much to fear: I wear them every day for several weeks and it seems to me that the lining and the padding hold up well.

Although they are not very light (weigh 288 grams), on the whole, the headphones are very comfortable : I wore them for 8 hours a day, every day, without ever feeling the need to remove them.

The worst aspect from the constructive point of view are the keys to control playback and volume: both the multi-function button (Play / Pause / On / Off) and the two buttons for volume (from which you can also change the song) find on the sides of the right cuff (respectively forward and back). The buttons are not only in a position that makes them awkward to click, but they are also visibly component cheap .

As I mentioned in the introduction, if you’re looking for cheap wireless headphones to listen to music, the Tribit XFree Tunes will definitely do it for you. They have an older version of Bluetooth (4.1) and lack support for aptX codecs (so the audio / video sync may be faint, even though I have personally watched TV series and videos on YouTube without problems), but the sound quality is really surprising . The 40 mm drivers definitely do their duty, and I think the audio of these XFree Tunes is easily comparable to Bluetooth headsets that cost at least three times as much (but also four …).

The sound is clean and rich , with the frequencies well balanced between them (it would seem almost a flat profile , with a very light and appreciated gain in the highs). The bass amaze for the excellent extension: even at high volume, reproduce the lower frequencies without croaking, and can be appreciated without being unnecessarily pumped. But even medium and high sound very good: considering the price, really difficult to ask more on the audio front.

The maximum volume is good enough: not the highest ever, but still more than acceptable for all situations (to give an idea: in the office I keep it about halfway).

Even for the calls, the quality of the microphones is quite good: probably thanks to the CVC 6.0 technology for noise reduction, it seemed to me that my interlocutors always felt quite good to me. Unfortunately, however, using them with the audio jack you lose the ability to call, because no microphone is included on the cable.

Last but not least, the autonomy is really good: Tribit declares 40 hours and probably the estimate is likely. I did not exactly measure how long they lasted, because at a certain point I simply lost count. But I can confirm the esteem of the company, since I kept them practically 8 hours a day, every working day, and lasted about a week and a half (so probably more than 40 hours).

As already mentioned in the previous paragraph, the worst aspect of the experience of use are definitely the keys to control playback and volume, placed in a position not too comfortable to reach.

If you want cheap Bluetooth headphones to listen to music, Tribit XFree Tune is what you’ve been looking for. The audio quality is surprisingly good for the price range, the autonomy is excellent (up to 40 hours) and there is a semi-rigid case in which to transport them. At a cost of around 2,659.24 Philippine Piso, I’m really a best buy.

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  1. Roman says:

    Can you tell us where you bought this from? I’m planning to get this headphone. Thanks.

  2. Roman says:

    Can you please tell us where you bought this from? I really want to get this headphone. Thank you so much

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