Review of the Review Google Home Hub in the Philippines, Price is 5200 PHP

Home Hub is a novelty of the last Google conference where the first smart display from Google was unveiled together with Pixel 3 . The company had already launched its platform for home automation for companies, which had therefore already realized their smart display , all based on SmartThings and Android. This Home Hub is apparently identical, but it is not essentially based on Google Cast (Chromecast technology). At the moment it is only a very technical and not very concrete premise and we will only discover in the future if this means something.


Google Home Hub is a small 7-inch display with a not quite contained white frame, which also contains two microphones and a sensor of brightness and temperature, which allows you to enable one of the most spectacular features of this device, or an adaptation to the conditions of light so quick and precise that it makes Home Hub not so much an “old” digital frame, but rather a true printed photo , making it extremely elegant even when unused. Entering the room you will not have the annoying effect of immediately noticing that there is a display on. Home Hub has an ambient display modeshowing the time when the room is dark and rotating photos when it is lit up. These photos can be proposed by Google (like on Chromecast / Android TV), or they can be selected from those of their Google Photos account , choosing to show only photos with certain people or certain albums. There is a lack of functionality: exclude a person from the roll of photos (beautiful photos of the past, but maybe you want to avoid an ex-girlfriend / oo that unendurable uncle). Also nice option to let Google choose the most relevant photos of the last period from their account.

But let’s get to the really “Home” part. Obviously, its operation is exactly the same as any Google Home or Google Home Mini and in fact will respond to your every “Ok Google” awaking and responding promptly. The sensitivity of the microphones is similar to what has already been seen on a classic Google Home, very good but not perfect. The volume of the speaker that surrounds the entire base of the monitor is very good, unlike the audio quality that leaves enough to be desired and is much more similar to that of the Google Home Mini compared to that of Google Home. Considering the price and quality of Google Home was a nice disappointment, and is the only feature that we would like to see improved in the future.

Indeed, we lied, is one of two specifications we would like to see improved: it is a pity in fact that a front camera is missing to make video calls with Duo (you can do but the other person will not see you). Google has probably avoided to please all the people of fear of invasion of privacy, but it is undoubtedly an interesting function that you will not have available. On the back you will find instead the physical button to turn off the microphones and the volume rocker.

To adjust the volume and also the brightness, you can also make a small gesture from the bottom to the top to activate a quick control panel. The opposite gesture from top to bottom instead activates the home automation control , which allows us to control in a touch mode lights, cameras, thermostats and so on. This immediately gives us an idea of ​​the potential of a smart display, or the ability to control the whole house if necessary without having to find the smartphone or use the voice. But it is not only this: it is also the additional interaction that a display can give compared to the simple voice, always providing more information when it comes to questioning it for the weather, the calendar, the places or multiple timers. You can then have a minimum of touch interaction in filtering and showing photos, interacting with the shopping list or managing reminders. In addition, if you have a Nest doorbell , you can also use it as a monitor when someone rings the bell.

We said that Google Home Hub is based on Google Cast and so it’s obvious that it can be used for the multimedia part. In addition to being able to play music you can also view videos via YouTube or Play Movies . Some apps are not yet compatible (see Netflix), but by supporting Google Cast you can safely start them from your smartphone and then send them playing on Home Hub (as well as Plex for example).

The price is around 5000 Pesos.

Google Home Hub is in effect a central hub for your smart home. The screen enables many additional features and is still more convenient than using a smartphone. The price is ok and the real weakness is only the audio quality, not suitable for multimedia content (ok but the volume).

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