Review of the Bose Home Speaker 500 using Alexa Assistant, Price is 26,912.48 Philippine Pesos

Bose Home Speaker 500 Review
Bose is definitely one of those brands with the highest perception. When you hear that a product brings Bose in the name you already know two things: it will sound good and it will cost a lot. But when a product survives for many years thanks to its brand, it is clear that it is not just a litter. And indeed it is. Bose is one of those companies that focuses heavily on the final result, leaving aside technical cards and high-sounding names. Bose Home Speaker 500 is the maximum expression of this: a simple name, a high price and a lot of power to sell.


The speaker of Bose shows an extremely simple design, almost a bit ‘austere in its black color. It stands out a little if you do not have other dark furniture objects, but at the same time try to blend in with an extremely simple and no frills design. The lower part is perforated at 360 ° and allows the sound to be output in stereo mode. Then we have a small color screen and above the touch controls, surrounded by a ring of small holes for the 8 microphones. The first installation is very simple and requires the use of the application for Android or iOS, to bridge and connect it definitively to the Wi-Fi network at home. At that point the application becomes accessory, but still useful. You can send tracks from your smartphone via Bluetooth or an aux cable , but these are not the easiest methods. The Wi-Fi connection allows you to send music quietly from the apps of compatible services, or directly from the Bose software after the first synchronization. The work of integrating third-party services into the Bose app is really well done. We tried Spotify and TuneIn, but you can also use Deezer and Amazon Music. During 2019 it will also become compatible with Apple’s AirPlay 2 technology that will allow you to send any music source from iPhone, iPad and Mac.

The microphones then enable voice control via Amazon Alexa . This way you can simply say “Alexa, let me listen to my Relaxing Songs playlist” and he will start playing. The cover of the song and its title will appear on the product screen. The screen does not have a very high brightness and definition and if looked at cut it loses some of its visibility. It is however a beautiful scenic element that revives the dark monolith. On the top we have the buttons to change play modes, play / pause, volume keys and 6 presets . These presets can be set by the application and will allow you to quickly start defined playlists, radio or album. For those who, like me, often listen to some playlists, these 6 presets are very comfortable.

We talk about quality and volume: Bose confirms a guarantee. The soundtrack that comes out of this Bose Home Speaker 500 is clean, just as designed by the artist who made it and without forcing in terms of equalization (perhaps to increase the spatiality or to pump the bass), the opposite of as other producers do (like Sonos and Apple). With this sound cleaning Bose captures the attention of those who are not at all fascinated by the speakers of the competition, perhaps equally powerful but less faithful. The volume is extraordinary. Bose does not release technical data for its product but is objectively an unexpected result even by those who know the brand well. One note: the levels of the volume are so many and change them with the touch control is not always very comfortable.

The smartphone app allows you to share control of the device with other users and increase or decrease the bass and treble, but the equalization ends here. Then we treat the smart part of Amazon Alexa. The microphones steal your commands well even at a distance and the white LED will light up to indicate the waiting for further commands. Too bad that the screen is not in any way exploited by Alexa, as it happens on Amazon Echo Spot.

Bose Home Speaker 500 is priced at 26,912.48 Philippine Piso

Bose Home Speaker 500 is a classic Bose product. Simple, powerful, clean sound and volume that will surprise you every time. The presets are very convenient and Alexa’s presence is convenient. Perhaps you could get more out of the display.

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