Review of Sony WH-1000XM3 in the Philippines, Price is Php22,834.60

Sony once again renews its excellent noise canceling headphones with the new WH-1000XM3 model . Apparently this is not a revolution, also because we are talking about a product that was already of very high quality. (In this regard, we invite you to reread the review of the XM2 .) Do not be fooled by appearances, because the experience of use is also superior to the past, and the price of launch is not increased. Will the definitive noise canceling headphones ?


The packaging of the Sony WH-1000XM3 also offers you a practical storage case , which leaves behind the fake skin of the past, in favor of a fabric matching the same headphones. Inside are also the other accessories present. In fact, we have a matching audio cable , without a microphone or other controls along the wire. Then there is a very short Type-C / Type-A cable for charging and also an adapter with double audio jack for the aircraft.

There are no differences worthy of note compared to the past. The only thing missing, wanting to be extra-demanding, is a dedicated charger. Your PC or the power supply of your smartphone can very well compensate for the lack.

Aesthetically it is virtually impossible to distinguish the XM3 from the XM2, but there is a detail that betrays the new model: the Type-C port , finally adopted for recharging.

The headphones therefore remain well built , foldable and durable (based on the DNA of the previous). They are also comfortable . Holding them for the entire working day does not bother, except occasionally reposition a minimum the bow so as not to always weigh on the same point. In any case, they do not tighten anything in the ear or in the head, even if the weight feels a bit ‘more at the base of the ear. They are light (about 275 grams), and they do not have that feeling of “suffocation” that gives other noise canceling headphones.

On the right pavilion we have the touch controls , while on the left headphone the symbol of the NFC remains . A little further below we find the power button and the one to switch the various noise cancellation modes. The latter can also serve to recall the Google Assistant , with whom you can interact without touching the phone and who can also read the content of incoming notifications. Too bad that the two functions of this key are mutually exclusive: o management of cancellation, or assistant. Another small note: the padding , although soft and pleasant in contact with the skin, could make you sweat a little.

The WH-1000XM3 confirm the quality of their DNA, in all senses. The ‘ noise elimination (Sony does not mince words as “cancellation”) is really ultra effective. The credit goes also to the new HD Noise Canceling QN1 processor , which proclaims up to 4 times more effective than the previous one. It is a comparison that is difficult to argue or deny, but one thing we are sure: the noise cancellation of these headphones is the best we’ve ever tried .

Not only that, but you can decide, through the app, the intensity of cancellation, in a 20-level scale. The button on the headphones allows you to quickly switch between three modes: no cancellation, maximum cancellation, and a value decided by the user. While holding your hand on the right earphone, instead, you will exalt the high tones around you. Sony calls this function ” quick attention “, because with a simple gesture you can hear all the voices in a very clear and distinct way , even better than you would without headphones. (Very effective for “stalking” someone close to you, who will think you are listening to music.)

As already noted, the XM3 does not give the sensation of “suffocation” of other ANC headphones, thanks also to an optimization function , which adapts the sound according to how you wear the headphones (for example if there are hairs in the middle) and at atmospheric pressure (to be repeated at high altitudes or in an airplane). Another element that distinguishes the WH-1000XM3 from the competition is the fact that the elimination of the noise does not cut (almost for nothing) the low frequencies, and the music is always very pleasant and natural .

Do not change the technical specifications than in the past, but beyond what are the numbers, the ear tells us that these XM3 sound even better than the previous (which already sounded great). The light music is their ideal environment, and regardless of the genre is difficult to perceive the obvious shortcomings. Do not expect exaggerated lows , but always well distinguishable. There is no overlap, and with the necessary silence you will be able to appreciate all the instruments of an orchestra. The high tones are clear and not excessively pungent, and the spatiality of the sound is generally very good. The maximum volume however it is not the highest. There are no distortions and it is sufficient for all uses, but it is certainly not the most powerful ever.

Excellent as always the audio quality in call . You will hear and make yourself heard clearly, thanks to the microphones on the headphones themselves (and not on the eventual cable), and with active noise cancellation it will be easy to talk even in the chaos of the city.

Final note on touch controls , which usually do not make me crazy on headphones, but in this case have (almost) always work very well. Right / left to change track, up / down volume, double tap center for play / pause or to answer calls, and long press to enhance voices. Hardly your gestures will be misunderstood, and in any case the execution of a gesture is accompanied by a sound (always the same however) that will make you understand if it has been interpreted or not.

There are no news for the Headphones app , for Android and iOS, essential to fully enjoy the quality of XM3. In addition to adjusting the intensity of noise cancellation very precisely, you can automatically optimize the sound based on the current atmospheric pressure (useful for when you are in the mountains or in flight) and how you wear the headphones. You can also control the position of the sound source, enable or disable some surround presets (Arena, Club, Outdoor Stage, and Concert Hall), adjust the equalizermanually or always based on some presets (Bright, Enthusiast, Calm, Relaxed, Vocal, Amplification highs, Bass amplification, Speech, Manual, Custom 1/2), and use the integrated audio controls to manage the music being played by others player.

There is also an option to manage the connection type : priority to sound quality or connection stability. Note that to use the surround effects, the equalizer and the sound position, you will need to enable the second option. And to be honest we did not notice big differences in quality, if not moving away a bit ‘more from the headphones, with the priority on quality that first loses the signal (or in any case starts to jump first).

Finally there is a checkbox also for DSEE HX , a technology from Sony that aims to improve the playback of content with loss of quality, such as MP3 files. As before, it does not do miracles but makes the sound a little cleaner (and a shorter pile) on certain types of files. Following we leave you some self-explanatory screenshots.

The Sony WH-1000XM3 confirm the excellent autonomy of previous models, once again exceeding the 30 hours of wireless use. Remember that, in order to have noise cancellation also active in wired use, you will have to turn on the headphones and then use the battery. In this case, however, expect a range of more than 40 hours, which few are not. And to check the remaining charge level, just press the power button quickly and the headphones will tell you.

Sony is confirmed as the queen in the field of noise canceling headphones. The WH-1000XM3 are in fact its best product to date, and are so complete that it is very difficult to find defects (apart from the high price, but in line with the market and commensurate with quality). If you want the best noise-canceling headphones available on the square, moreover with a great autonomy, comfortable, accompanied by an excellent app and also by the Google Assistant, you have just found.

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