Regine Velasquez’ Fans Bashed GMA-7 For Not Giving Her A Good Project

Recently, GMA-7 launched its upcoming series entitles, “Let The Love Begin”, starring Ruru Madrid and Gabbi Garcia.


The said soap is also starring the Asia’s Songbird, Regine Velasquez as one of the supporting actresses.

Because of this, fans and supporters of the singer-actress got angry at the network personnel.

They even posted their reactions on Twitter using the hashtag, “DearGMARespectRegineV”.

Most of them said that the role given to their idol is not fair and downgraded her.

They believed that Regine can lead her own soap and not just be a supporting role to fan a new love team.

Here are some of the Reginians sentiments:

Sang Ji Kang ‏- “We deserve an explanation. We deserve an acceptable reason.”


Empress Regine – “I don’t care how good the script is. SUPPORT IS SUPPORT. She doesn’t deserve this!”

Stephanie Ng – “Lying to millions of people just to make a few pesos. There’s a special place in Hell for you.”

Famous Rözhé ‏- “Calling ABS CBN executives, this is now the time for you to save Regine Velasquez.”

TFC Godfather – “Free Regine from the tyrannical hands of GMA, she doesn’t need to play second fiddle to nobody!”

Because of this, Regine might not be part of “Let The Love Begin” upcoming series.

Follow the story by clicking the video below.

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