Reasons Why Maine Mendoza Was Chosen As MAC Official Influencer

Maine Mendoza Tunay Na Rason Bakit Kinuhang MAC Lipstick Official Influencer, Endorser (wag bibitiw sa hottest update)

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Alam ng lahat na super avid MAC lipstick user si Maine, but meron palang deeper reasons why she is chosen as one of influencers

Hindi lang basehan ang kasikatan kundi WRITTEN BY ENCHOS.COMang pagiging inclusive, one of the core values of M.A.C kasi is diversity and individuality

“We are for All Ages, All Races, All Genders”, says the company which is perfect coz Maine captures every age, lahi at kasarianHOY WAG KANG MANGOPYA NG ARTICLE, MATUTO KANG MAGSULAT!

Kahit nga different economic brackets, mapa-mayaman or karaniwan, lahat ay within reach ng nag-iisang Maine Mendoza


M.A.C also believes in social responsibility, something it shares with Maine with her outreach efforts and especially the successful AlDub Libraries

Kaya naman this social responsibility also reverberates with fans, who are giving away scholarships, and medical financial assistance WRITTEN BY ENCHOS.COM

Lipstick is not just a beauty instrument, it’s also a gesture of boldness & transparency kasi nga it is applied on the lips …

The lips are the first thing people notice sa face, and through your lips, your heart and soul speaks, kaya nga when Maine speaks, the nation listens

At ngayon, the whole world now listens, because she is an official influencer ng M.A.C, kahilera ni Meng si Rihanna, Lorde at Brooke Shields WRITTEN BY ENCHOS.COM

Bonggels, nag-iisa at pinakaunang Filipino to be a M.A.C influencer. Kaya nganga nang nganga na naman ang mga haters ngayon

In fact, Maine is concocting her own shade and already WRITTEN BY ENCHOS.COM the nation is declaring that this will be the best seller this year


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