Real Reason Why Alden Richards Gets Emotional Singing “God Gave Me You”

Just recently, GMA Records released a snippet of the recording session of “God Gave Me You” by Alden Richards.


On the video, the actor- singer got emotional again while recording the song.

Viewers and netizens observed that the “EB” host recently became emotional every time he sang that song.

One of them said, “His so emotional. His just so thankful, for sure, to his mother and at the same time to Maine.”

A netizen named Jae Jang also said, “Even to the recording of the song, he cried? Maybe that song has deep meaning to him. After all, if it wasn’t for the AlDub Phenomenon, he wasn’t that popular.  But because he and Maine clicked, his career instantly up. Maine is using by God as an instrument to fulfil his promised to his mother. I also feel that he thought of his mother every time he sings the song. Alden, I am sure your mother in heaven is very proud of your achievements. Despite of your popularity, you still grounded. You are an inspiration to everyone. Don’t let the fame get into your head. Always be humble and thankful for everything. You deserve everything you are receiving now, no doubt.

“God Gave Me You” song is part of Alden’s second album entitled “Wish I May” that will be out on CDs and digital format this October 17.

Alden Richards God Gave Me You

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