PSYTinikSaDibdib Is All About Holding On / PSY Sep 18, 2015 Episode

It’s all about holding on tonight on the country’s most watched drama series on primetime television.


Angelica Panganiban is holding on to her wealth as she is now struggling to keep the company that his husband’s family has been working hard for years.

She decided not to tell her spouse that their wealth is on the brink of being lost, her only hope is Jodi Sta Maria.

Daniel Padilla is also holding on to his one true love. He has no idea what storm is coming their way, he believes he just needs to keep Kathryn Bernardo closer, like almost tying her to his heart.

But Kathryn Bernardo will be tied to a heart of thorns.

But what Jodi and Ian, are they still holding on to love?

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