PSYAkusasyon Gripping Scenes on PSY Sep 24, 2015 Episode

The scenes of PSY are becoming more intense especially the confrontation between Jodi Sta. Maria, Ian Veneracion and Angelica Panganiban’s characters.


A netizen said that because of Jodi’s role, PSY becomes more exciting especially on how she gets revenge against the Buenavista family.

Tonight, more revelations will come out with the hashtag, “PSYAkusasyon”.

Here are some of the netizens’ reactions:

Mangyan – “Hey Angelo! I know you’re worried with your Dad… But Amor is still better than Claudia… Sadly she’s your Mom…”

Kxthniels – “Angelo, please stop with the trust issues. You have the right doubt but it may ruin things.”

IMMARYGRACEE – “Angelo’s trust towards his father has been broken again.”

SmileForDaniel CDO – “Seriously, the media should be more sensitive sometimes. Issues aren’t joke.”

Pat – “You’ll learn how to get up and give life another try when you get to know KathNiel’s life.”

Raiza Rosell – “Our ratings last night was amazing! This is great, guys. Let’s maintain it.”


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