PSY Sep 9, 2015 Episode Shoots KathNiel Fans Dead #PSYLaro

As of 7:11 pm 9/10/2015 hashtag PSYLaro intermittently appears at the top 10.


“At least this is what critics and social media observers of the popular television series remake and the fandom.

On Twitter as of this writing, no traces of PSY, Kathryn Bernardo or Daniel Padilla tweets are trending or at least have made it to the top 10, which is not normal in this case.


You may occasionally see tweets but only from Cinema, ABS-CBN or the paid bloggers and journalists who say only good things to the love team according to one netizen.

“Are they dead? Is KathNiel fandom dead?” – says a tweeter.

Last night’s episode brought the handle PSYDignidad but failed to topple OTWMostKiligNight and ALDUBKapitLang.

Meanwhile, a few KathNiel fans call on fellow supporters to vote for PSY which is currently trailing behind On The Wings of Love as favorite TV show poll for the Cinema Awards 2015.

OTW is leading at 55 percent while PSY is at 27 percent as of this writing.

A few Tweetizens noted that the KathNiel fans may have felt ashamed of the massive impact of the episode last night of OTW which gained a lot of buzz on social media, a far cry from that of PSY.

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The ultimate theory of anti-KathNiel fans is that the whole fandom chose to be mute as a protest to ABS-CBN and the staff of PSY, for on tonight’s episode, Angelica Panganiban will now be conniving with Bea Bianca for the ultimate downfall of the Angelo Yna love team.

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