Proof of Kim Chiu’s Longevity in Showbiz

Kim Chiu is seen in one of these clips just enjoying this ride in Coney Island in New York.


The Chinita Princess is known for her being adventurous and fans seeing this clip admire her even more.

Which we notice as a sign that Kim Chiu will last in the showbiz industry. It takes guts, courage and toughness of spirit to survive such a crazy world of entertainment.

I mean look at Kim Chiu, she’s been through a lot in her showbiz career and yet she is still standing strong.

Parang ride lang yan sa isang carnival.

Either you fear it or enjoy the ups and downs. Kim Chiu has courage and she has no fear in trying in new things.

And another reason we believe she’s going to outlast others, well it’s her being friendly.

Look at that clip, instead of being with Kapamilya peers, she’s there meeting new friends.

And that’s gonna keep her hold in the industry. Pakikisama.

You’re one of a kind Kimmy.

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