Product Placements on Imagine You And Me Movie (Maine Mendoza, Alden Richards)

What are the list of product endorsements or placements seen in the movie Imagine You And Me?


Imagine You And Me is one of the biggest if not the biggest romantic comedy film in the Philippines this 2016.

Fans predict they can surpass the existing title holder of being the highest grossing Filipino film of all time.

That title belongs to Vice for an MMFF movie.

On its few hours, the movie sold almost 13 millions pesos worth of tickets.

A popular and effective endorser herself, Maine Mendoza truly has a big hatak so to speak.

And speaking of hatak, did the movie endorse any product? Of course it has, but only minimal. Fans even applaud the director for not cramming in so many placements.

The implementation was in fact very tasteful. It was not forceful.

Product Placements in the movie Imagine You And Me

1.) McDonalds – seen in the first part of the film when Gara is about to leave.
2.) O Plus – seen as the smartphone of (Andrew) Alden Richards.

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