Problems with Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 Review (₱16,490.00) Price Philippines

I write about the Samsung A6 because I had it for a few days and I understood what I like and what I do not like.
First of all, honestly, they are all a little similar in appearance, millimeter more or less I would say that everyone is equal and therefore also this A6 is normal in terms of visual impact.


– Screen: good. It has quite bright colors and a good resolution. Definitely positive vote even if the small writing is not defined as in the major models
– Battery: a BOMBA.sopra the average because it allowed me to get a full 2 ​​days
– Connectivity: wifi, and bloutooth 4.2 as per rule. Remains the presence of the headphone jack (nowadays a white fly)
– Operating system: Android 8.0 with Samsung customization
– Cameras: shoot well, average photos without excelling. Some definition problems in dark environments.

In my use I must admit that I found a bit of discomfort because battery apart has nothing that stands out in terms of originality or performance.
Why buy it then? Because it essentially provides everything you need to those who do not have great pretensions to be trendy or open the app in an instant.
Promoted then? I say yes but with a 6 estimate … which becomes 7 if you are a user not too pretentious.
Good life!
Good cell phone, but not at this price. Samsung is still not adapting to the cut-throat competition of the new competitors. Proposing a mobile phone over 240 euros with 3GB of RAM and 64 GB of memory is a big risk today. Here are my conclusions and why it would be better to navigate on other devices.

– Beautiful screen and with fantastic colors (also the resolution is good)
– Quality materials and nice design (I like it, but this is the most subjective part)
– It has the audio Jack (think what you want but still in my opinion , is very comfortable)

– It has 32 GB of memory and 3 GIGA of RAM (I do not recommend buying mobile phones with these specifications anymore, especially at this price)
– It is not always perfect in daily use
– It has no notification LEDs (but this is solved by the possibility of using the always on)

– Chic people who consider the SAMSUNG the only guarantee in the android field

– Who wants to spend their money in a more intelligent way

This mobile phone could be a good purchase at 180/190 euros. At this price we really do not …
I propose 3 more functional alternatives:
1) At the same price (indeed saving a little bit) I would buy this (if you are not set with the samsung brand):
2) Saving up to 70 euros I could try something revolutionary like this (costs 180 but has better specifications):
3) If I can not help but own a SAMSUNG I would take this (adding a little bit):

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