Plot Twists, Revelations on KimXi MDTP Kilig Finale Bukas

In case you may have missed it or that you were carried away, here’s a look back at what transpired on Episode 3 on MDTP Must Date.


We’ve made a review of the preceding week’s installment.

You can find it in the link below

Top 8 Revelations In MDTP Episode 3

Tomorrow’s gonna be a big day for the KimXi universe and that includes me as a cirixen, for it is the finale week!

I am so uber excited at the same cringing at how this will affect the friendship of the mag-besties, especially Chloe.

I want to be surprised and I know Direk Mae has well the episode 4 well taken care of. So expect the unexpected to tomorrow actually tonight .


Last week it has been revealed that Zach is Empoy, but our crystal ball believes this week’s revelation will include Zach knowing the original revenge plan of Torri. (Duh, that so predictable of me, LOL)

But what if Zach actually has even more shocking revelation.

Like Zach not really in love with Torri at all, I mean like we all know as well that Zach gave in to courting Torri to win back Chloe but could it be that he’s confused and the moment he sees Chloe getting devastated by the sight of them Zach and Torri, he might have a change of heart? Whew, I hope it isn’t .

Or there’s a possibility that Chloe might give way for her bestfriend Chloe who relaizes she is still in love with Zach. Oh God, please not!

I don’t know I’m running out of predictions, which gives me more palpitations as I am sure the finale will be so “playful” and unpredictable.

Let us what do you think will be the unexpected moments on Episode 4? Leave your comment below.


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