PLDT’s Manny Pangilinan Looks for CEO who’s Willing To Give Up Family For Work

Pangilinan said PLDT would need a new CEO who would have the fortitude to take the job in leading the company’s new digital thrust.


“He has to be ready to die for the job, give up his family. Those are my strictures. Work over family. Period. If I could see that in that person, you’re it. You know, there is always a price you pay for the life you choose,” he said when asked for the non-negotiables for the position.

I thought MVP is a professional and knows his business very well. How can he say that the CEO he is looking for must be ready to die for his job and give up his family. Does it mean that PLDT is the worst employer in the Philippines? What is the point of having all the money in this world but losing your family? How can he motivate the employees of PLDT to work harder if that is his mentality. – NETIZEN

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