PHOTOS: Maine Mendoza BTS With Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola On “EB” April 6, 2016 #ALDUBTheCaller

After two days of absence from the show, Wally Bayola is back.


He was absent because his daughter was confined to the hospital.

Fans of “EB” felt worried on what happened to him because he was never absent from the show since he portrayed the Lola Nidora’s role in KalyeSerye.

Today, viewers are happy Wally is back.

Meanwhile, Maine Mendoza is looking good in the barangay despite the heat from the sun.

People salute her for being simple and still down to earth despite the fame she has.

She is always on the go in any activity.

Below are some of the clips and behind the scene photos from today’s episode of ‘EB’.

Maine with Wally and Jose

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