Paulo Avelino Bitter with KC Concepcion Busting Him?

Paulo has always been silent about his courting with KC Concepcion. No one heard anything from the guy.


Until the the scrutinizing eyes of netizens found out about Paulo’s unfollowing of KC on IG and Twitter.

It became apparent that KC busted him.

Is this a sign bitterness? Paulo has yet to react.

But the girl have posted things on social media, which lead to clues.

“Safe flight home. It made my heart happy to cook for you that day & to see you enjoying the little things, even just for a while. Thank you. For everything.”

“Our roads are gonna cross again. It doesn’t really matter when”.

IGers and Tweetizens go wild as they saw the posts. And suggested KC to keep it to herself next time someone courts.

To some, it appears KC had only given false hopes to the poor Paulo.

Others however feel like the bitterness stems from KC, who may have man-hating and decides to bust guys before she could be hurt and dumped.

As always, Paulo remained silent.

But that unfollowing on IG and Twitter screams a lot!

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