Pastillas Girl Introduced to 5 New Guys, What Are Their Names?

Pastillas Girl Angelica Yap indeed is now in her chapter of her life.

Yesterday, it turns out Jess did not make and he was friend-zoned. Chard is already home in Ozamiz and now we get to find 5 new guys who will be introduced.

Topher however is in the house.

DancingGwapoNgBaguio – he was chosen by Angelica as the first she wants to know first.

That’s because she is also a dancer.


SingingIdoloNgIloilo – Angelica changed her mind and chose the singer because according to Kim, they are sweet.

Jomari Tormento – the dancing gwapo of Baguio came out first.

Michael Francis Enriquez – the talented hottie from QC is the second guy to come out.

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