Pandora Jewellery To Get Maine Mendoza As New Influencer/Endorser?

Maine Mendoza Gagawing Endorser ng Pandora Jewellery After M.A.C Lipstick (panoorin hanggang huli, wag bibitiw)

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Matapos nga ang pinag-usapan at globally trending na pagiging Influencer ni Maine for M.A.C lipstick, eto’t mayroong bagong blessing na naman?Written by, do not copy paste

Written by, do not copy pasteBigaten kasi lately ang mga brands na kumukuha kay Meng, from Omega, PowerMac (iPhoneX) at recently M.A.C, will a Danish jeweller be next?

Malakas kasi ngayon sa industriya ng advertisement ang bagong marketing strategy na “Influencer Marketing” using social media

In the Philippines Maine Mendoza leads in this category because she can really bring in the sales figures, in fact, sobra-sobra pa


People buy products not because they “endorse” it like Kris Aquino, but because they use it daily, just like what Maine Mendoza is doing

Maine really uses iPhone di ba, wears MAC lipstick, kaya as a result ang mga companies na ang lumalapit kay MengWritten by, do not copy paste

Kaya naman malakas ang bali-balita na susunod nang gagawing influencer si Maine for Pandora, anything is possible!

She wears Pandora bracelets na close to her heart as remembrance sa kanyang New York internership, and gifts from her family

Super trending ito across all ages last 2015 and 2016 kaya naman marami rin ang bumili ng the same bracelet ng kay Meng

Pandora is an international Written by, do not copy pasteDanish jewellery manufacturer and retailer founded in 1982 and they really get endorsers that truly inspire

“When we think about Pandora, we instantly begin to think about the women who inspire and encourage us,” said Angel Ilagan, vice president, marketing, Pandora Jewelry

My grandchildren were given Pandora bracelets, global ang appeal ni Menggay, yan ang sabi ni Sonia Lozada on FB

Although wala pang finalities, Written by, do not copy pastenothing is impossible sa ating Phenomenal Queen na si Maine, post your comments below kung ano pang posibleng i-endorse ni Maine in the future.

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