Old Woman Plays Along with Romanian Thug Swinging

Contrary to social media reports the old woman in this supposedly harassing video played along.


So this video which actually is already a year old, is trending again on social media universe. Why? Because of course the very sympathetic eyes of netizens felt bad for the old woman. But admit it, you felt bad too because you laughed hard at the way grandma freaks out.

So there is this video showing these Romanian thugs who picked on grand ma, grabbed her coat by the neck and swung her around.

The old woman freaked out and hysterically and horribly cried.

But the uploader of the video actually revealed that the old woman was actually a man and he happens to be their buddy too. It was a video they created out of fun and posted it online to see how people would react to it, because to them they know how Romanian people are caring towards the elderly.

The man is not of old age and was made to look and sound like an old woman.

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