Netizens’ Reactions On James Yap-Kris Aquino Good Relationship

Last February 15, James Yap celebrated his 32nd birthday with Bimby and Josh.


In an interview, the basketball star said, “This is the happiest moment for me. Kumbaga hindi ito mapapantayan ng kahit na anong gift”.

James was referring to his son whom he missed for five months.

James’ ex-wife, Kris Aquino also greeted him through Instagram saying, “Happy Birthday James. Peace, harmony & God’s blessings to you”.

“I am a Mom who has learned to set aside past hurts & I’ve learned how to move on w/ God’s grace because I want my sons to be well adjusted & positive. And that starts w/ my example. #peace #maturity”, Kris added.

Because of this, netizens felt happy that at last the ex-couple are now in good terms.

Below are some of netizen’s reactions:

Cora V. Ines: “Great move ! masarap magpatawad .”

italia agaloos: “forgiveness is one key to live peacefully and happy.”

nads plena: “Moving.forward and forget the past is the best option to be happy! Goodluck to u Kris!”

florence fenando: “good for both of you and for d kids.”

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