Netizens React On Kim Chiu Breaks Down On Her Series

Last night, Kim Chiu breaks down on her role as Isabelle in the series with Coco Martin.


This happened after she found out that Samuel (Coco Martin) got married to Mona “Julia Montes”.

She tried to stop the wedding in the church, however, upon arriving, the ceremony was almost over.

Isabelle heard all the vows and promises of the couple in front of the officiating officer.

She cannot believe why this is happening to them.

So, Isabelle and her mother Rebecca (Angel Aquino) have no choice but to leave the place and went home.

Now, Isabelle did not know how to start her life again.

What will be the future ahead of Samuel and Isabelle now that they have respective obligations towards their partners and being a parents?

While the series is on-going, netizens posted their reactions on social media. Most of them appreciate how the actress portrays her role.

The photo is taken from Kim Chiu’s Facebook fan page.

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