Netizens React On Enrique Gil Kisses Liza Soberano On Lips Video

Many reacted on the video showing Enrique Gil Kissing Liza Soberano on the lips during the recent concert held at Biñan, Laguna, last July 25.

During the “Just The Way You Are: The Road To Forever” concert, the crowd asked LizQuen to have a kiss with each other but before Ogie Diaz finished his line, the actor already stolen a kissed from his partner.

Because of this, the audience screamed and shouted.

On the following day, the video was posted on YouTube and became viral.

However, netizens have mixed reactions after seeing the video.


Here are some of their reactions posted on social media.

Kryssa de Castro – “Oh really Liza’s family doesn’t think so. They looooooove Quen sooooo much. In such a short period of time that they met Quen, they were able to tell that Quen is a keeper. So I guess your opinion doesn’t matter at all.”

Marcel – “Thats sexual harrasment, honestly…sorry but if I were Liza, I would be mad.”

Venus – “I saw it the other night… it looks like awkward coz it was stolen.. lizquen is love.”

Richard Panis – “Remember, this is concert, the audience were asking for a kiss, then Enrique stole a kissed from Liza. Of course liza was shocked and felt awkward.”

The issue was already clarified by them in their recent story conference of their upcoming movie.

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