Netizens Praise Kris Aquino For Giving James Yap And Bimby A Special Time Together

Last Wednesday June 17, the bonding of the father and son, James Yap and Bimby took place as part of their advance Father’s day celebration.


Kris Aquino allowed her son to bond with his father because she want them to have a strong relationship despite what happened.

On her Instagram account, the “Queen of All Media” posted a collage photo with caption, “This has been our day, I’m still here in Antipolo taping. Bimb wrote his Father’s Day Card and prepared his gift, then the 2 boys (w/ [at]gemaligane, #Bincai, [at]jacksalvador & [at]bernardcloma) had merienda w/ James & I was able to make a very meaningful pilgrimage to #OurLadyofPeaceandGoodVoyageShrine. (God’s perfect timing & God’s perfect peace indeed.)”

Kris Aquino

Netizens appreciate Kris on what she was done.

According to Margarita Guballa Aragon, “Kris is very good mother to her kids. Hoping that people will not judge her anymore for what she is as a mother. God bless you Kris.”

Daevil78 also said, “That’s the best way to prove yourself you’ve moved on, when you amend with your past…Congrats!”

Nsantos1980 commented, “Ms Kris I admire you as a mother more than anything. Both of your sons are well mannered. Josh came out so well. I have an autistic son and I adore him. Seeing Josh makes me happy. I feel like hugging him.”

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