Netizens On Ryzza Mae Dizon Performance On EBDabarkadsPaMore Grand Finals

The child wonder of EB Ryzza Me Dizon put up a great performance on “EB” EBDabarkadsPaMore Grand Finals, Saturday.


She competed with Ruby Rodriguez, Paolo Ballesteros, HBD Girl Patricia and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza.”

The child’s talented is just super and indeed has created a big mark in showbiz.

In the said competition, it was Paolo who won the grand prize. But netizens appreciated how the little girl delivered her performance.

Below are some of their reactions:

Jio de Leon ‏- “Really impressed that Ryzza actually studied all her (way older than her) songs for this.”

ALDUBLOVERS OFFICIAL ‏- “Ryzza Mae is such a child wonder! Amazing performance for a child.”

GayLa – “Hoverboard! You can see on the dabarkads eyes that they are really proud of Ryzza.”

Tin sumbilla-santos – “Beyoncé, Elvis and Apl d Ap combie! Nice and entertaining!! Nice One little girl!!

Ryzza Mae Dizon

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