Netizens Bash Jessy Mendiola On Dating JM De Guzman Again

After the actress, Jessy Mediola revealed that her ex-boyfriend, JM De Guzman is courting her again, some netizens were not happy about it.


They took to social networking sites to express their feelings and disappointments.

Here are some of their reactions:

Rona Villaruz Bayot – “I’ve heard there is a Colombian suitor of Jessie Mendiola and why there is a second chance-second chance? Yes, everybody deserves a second chance. But JM deserves someone better.”

Ashley Jarantilla Hilario – Those times that JM was down because of you, where are you? And now it looks like that you give JM a second chance? How dare you! I think you will be the one who will get the second chance from JM because you leave him those days that he needed you most.”

Kit Kit – “Oh yeah? So now that JM was able to rebuild himself again, and in fact his star is again shining bright,  you Jessy will play again the feelings of JM? Be sensitive and considerate . Let him be for someone who truly will love him as he is… and that’s not gonna be YOU AGAIN Jessy Mendiola. Chillout!”

Nelditz Nieditzsche Roa – “JM deserves to be loved, but not Jessy. Your love story had already ended. Just move on, girl.”

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