Netizens Bash Angel Locsin For Trying Boxing Despite Injury Announcement

Angel Locsin has been criticized recently for posting a photo of a pair of boxing gloves.


This implied that she is trying on boxing as her way of recovering from her spine injury.

Netizens were quick to note that this is a dangerous physical activity for Angel.

And I was recently diagnosed with slipped disc. For 1 week, you shall bound to bed rest without bathroom privileges. Then for 5-6 weeks, YOU CANNOT LIFT ANYTHING NOR DO STRENOUS EXERCISES THAT MAY PUT PRESSURE ON YOU SPINE. – Anon 11/3/15 1:28 AM

However, there are those who comment that the spine injury was only a scapegoat.

The real reason why she cannot do Darna anymore is because she no longer sellable. Cinema someone more popular and more appealing than Angel who already has an age.

The managemen however explained earlier that Angel needs to recover from her injury and she could no longer do Darna.

Supporters of Angel however just ignored the bashers and continue to pour their support for the actress.

She is doing a movie now with Vilma Santos and Xian Lim.


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