Natuto si Queen Maine Mendoza sa Kanila, She Learned from the best

Siempre sa mga henyo natuto si Queen Maine. Kaya pag dating sa comedy at sa pagpapahalaga sa kapwa, she learned from the best.


At pagdating sa socia media at pagiging infuencer, wagi siempre si Maine. But what is the deal ba with being a social media influencer.

At kahit nga sa Korea, aba, even traditional ones are now leaning to the new form of media.

More netizens were curious about the meaning of ‘influencer’.

At the so-called ‘Imbly press conference’ on this day, Bugun FNC announced that Lim Ji-hyeon, managing director of Bugun FNC, resigned on July 1 and will be working as a brand influencer from then on.

An influencer refers to a ‘celebrity’ who has tens to millions of subscribers (followers) online, especially on social networking services (SNS). It’s on Instagram as well as YouTube.

This can be seen as using the original meaning of the word ‘a person who exerts influence’ only online.

However, compared to Celebrity (Celebrity), which is another word for a celebrity, the part that is more emphasized is the exercise of influence. It is analyzed that the influence is growing as influencers promote their brand or commissioned products and services through their online space more and more.

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