Nanay At Nagdalaang-tao Nagtitiwala Kay Maine Mendoza Dahil Sa Produktong Ito

Moms, Preggies Put Their Trust On Maine Mendoza Because Of This Product

Maine Mendoza has once proven that she is indeed the phenomenal queen and empress of Philippine endorsements. Betadine has extended her contract with Fresh Bliss.


And mothers and even those in the family way is trusting Maine’s endorsed product the Fresh Bliss for their feminine cleanliness.

Filipino women these days are more conscious and aware that one’s femine health should be a given thorough attention.

Issues like menstruation cycles even after child delivery are among those that concern them.

How the menstrual cycle works after delivery? The ward is the menstrual cycle that occurs immediately after childbirth: we reveal to you what your symptoms are, how to recognize it and what to do.

During pregnancy, the menstrual cycle disappears , but after giving birth, the time comes to come to terms with the capoparto.

This is the first menstruation that occurs after nine months of gestation and is influenced by numerous variables. First and foremost it is essential to learn to distinguish lochiazioniche and menstruation. Immediately after giving birth, in fact, all women have physiological bl0od losses which can be more or less intense depending on the personal characteristics and the way in which the child was born.

These losses are called lochiazioni and aim to clean the uterine wall before the return of the menstrual cycle. They are closely related to childbirth because they are caused by the exfoliation of the internal mucosa of the uterus that is preparing to return to the state it had before pregnancy . Usually the lochiazioni last from 20 to 30 days and vary in terms of color and quantity. Immediately after the birth they are very abundant and bright red, but with the passage of time they become increasingly scarce and clear, until they disappear completely.

Menstruation is not considered, but an event that prepares for the return of the cycle  The first real menstruation is called the fourth part and is influenced by many factors. Learning to recognize it is fundamental because it marks the return of fertility and therefore the possibility of having another child. Until the losses make their appearance it is almost impossible for the woman to have another pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of the capofarto ? Usually they are the same ones that we experience during monthly menstruation. They start with small droplets of bl0od, which are followed by slight cramps in the abdomen and tension in the breast. There are also some cases in which the ward is asymptomatic and menstruation occurs suddenly.

When does the capofarto occur? Identifying a precise moment is very difficult, because this phenomenon is linked to individual and subjective factors. It mainly depends on the presence of the hormones LH, FSH, estrogens and progesterone. Another important role is covered by breastfeeding , prolactin in fact inhibits the return of the menstrual cycle, preventing ovulation.

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