Nadine Lustre Is Now Affected On James Reid And Julia Barretto Issue

Recently, Nadine Lustre admitted that she is now affected on the issue between James Reid and Julia Barretto.


The rumours are still spreading online about the actor who allegedly courted his co-star on “PS Hopeless Romantic”.

Because of this, Nadine spoke up and asked James’ bashers to stop their negative comments against his love team partner.

James is now the target of the negative reactions by some netizens, on that, Nadine has now admitted that she is affected about it.

But despite that, Nadine said that she is not feeling bad about Julia.

According to her, the young actress is so nice and she has no issue about her.

For now, Nadine and James are preparing for their upcoming series, “On the Wings of Love” while Julia is also doing the same thing for her upcoming series, entitled, “And I Love You So” with Iñigo Pascual and Miles Ocampo.

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