“Must Date” Finale – A Historic Punctuation To A Groundbreaking Project

Today is the last episode of StarFlix movie series on ABSCBNMobile entitled, “Must Date” starring Xian Lim, Kim Chiu and Jessy Mendiola.


After Tori and Zach found out that they have already communicated eight years ago, the two decided to put their relationship to the next level despite the risk.

However, when Chloe learned about her relationship, the former got mad at Tori and things turned sour.

Tori’s bestfriend wanted to get even so, she uploaded the video about an agreement saying that Tori must date Zach for revenge.

Because of it, Zach and his family got hurt. The former did not listen anymore to the explanation of Tori.

When Chloe admitted her mistake and forgave Tori, their friendship is regained.

Then , Chloe finds a way to have her bestfriend and Zach reconcile.

Finally, Zach proposed to Tore and both of them are happy.

Meanwhile, below are the viewers’ reactions of “Must Date”.

Jennyganda101 – “Congratulations for the successful run of “Must Date” [at]Xianlimm [at]chinitaprincess and Direk [at]maecruzalviar. We super enjoyed the 4 Episodes!You can feel the love!”

Maracruz54 – “Congrats Xi your acting is improving on every scenes keep it up The Story of Us we’re waiting.”

Ditskyfigu – “Very nice movie serye, congratulations KimXi [at]chinitaprincess [at]xianlimm !!! Excited to watch your teleserye #TSOU. More projects to both of you. God bless!”


The photos are taken from social media.

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