How much is Samsung Galaxy S6 in the Philippines

We’ve been joggling, totally freaked out here, and running around for this and here it finally has arrived it is the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and yes this is price tagged, freakin, at PHP 61,000.00 (Philippine (oh cool) pesos) and the, really I am so serious, availability is on March 1, 2015 and (totally freaked out here) definitely worth a check but make sure to compare such phone to, yes yes, others before buying.


Like it or not, totally freaked out here, companies will always shell out good stuff every so often and there is a new gadget in town and this is called Samsung Galaxy S6 and the confirmed, freakin, price is PHP 61,000.00 pesos which is (oh cool) interesting but well what did you expect and wait though do not buy it before it is available, really I am so serious, on March 1, 2015 and, yes yes, everyone cannot wait

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