More Photos of Duterte and Peter Lim, Leo Lastimosa Slammed For Posting Pics

More photos of President Rodrigo Duterte and alleged drug lord Peter Lim of Cebu surfaced online. The source or originator of the post is ABS-CBN Cebu anchor Leo Lastimosa.


Netizens attacked Lastimosa for posting the photos without clear intentions. One netizen asked “so what is your point?”

Leo posted photos of Duterte and business man Peter Lim. One photo showed both during a wedding wherein the two were principal sponsors.

Another photo shows the broadcaster and the President during a victory party  in Mandaue City.

As of this posting, Leo has not yet responded to the comments of netizens.

One concerned individual pointed out the post serves nothing but to detract Duterte.

In defense to Leo, one netizen said that the photo showing Duterte and Lim brushing elbows may smudge the former’s war against drugs.

While most supporters of the administration criticize the posting of photos as nothing but a black propaganda by the Yellow Minions.

One ABS-CBN avid fan said he is disappointed with Leo’s irresponsible journalism.

The president names a certain Peter Lim alias Jaguar as a big time drug lord in Cebu. Lim denied the allegations and said he is not the Peter Lim Duterter is referring to.

Lim owns KTV bars and a housing business.

Duterte has sat down with Lim and asked the businessman to subject himself to investigation.

Photo of Peter Lim and President Rodrigo Duterte As Principals Sponsors in a wedding Photo of alleged drug lord Peter Lim and President Rodrigo Duterte As Principals Sponsors in a wedding Alleged drug lord Peter Lim and President Rodrigo Duterte Shake Hands During a Victory Party in Mandaue Cebu

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