Why Miles Ocampo and Inigo Pascual Are A Very Effective Love Team

Big congratulations to the team behind And I Love You So, currently making on air and online.

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And of course, credit to the writers for such a beautifully crafted teleserye and with its very effective casting.

Part of the success is the love team that is blossoming now with Miles and Inigo.

They are effective. Why?

These two are like the teen models that youth today should be looking up to. Very driven, focused on what they want to achieve and stick with it. And they also happen to be very good friends.


Off air chemistry yes they have got it and we see that with their pics on Instagram with Inigo constantly being there as her official photog. Sweet!

And on screen, they both look good together and we love that Inigo can really keep up with Miles already established acting rapport. He’s the son of the Piolo Pascual, anyway, so no wonder.

Catch Inigo and Miles on January 20, 4PM at SM City Lipa for the And I Love You So Mall Show.

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