Melissa Mendez Asks Apology From Rey Pamaran Via Instagram

Finally, the actress Melissa Mendez accepted her fault and asked apology from Mr. Rey Pamaran after the incident happened at the Cebu Pacific plane.


In her Instagram, the actress posted her message saying:

“In light with the recent incident that involved me and Mr. Rey Pamaran, I would just like to simply apologize for my untoward actions and move on from this. This incident has caused a lot of pain and trouble to me and my family, as well as the other party involved. I am owning up to my mistake. No matter what the reason might be, I had no right to physically hurt Mr. Pamaran. Again, my deepest apologies to Mr. Pamaran and everyone else who have been affected by this.”

Melissa Mendez Apologizes Rey Pamaran

Melissa posted her message on Tuesday after the businessman demanded her a public apology through an open letter.

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