Matteo Guidicelli Reacts To Sarah-Piolo Kissing Scene

Sarah Geronimo feels happy now that her movie with Piolo Pascual has starting shooting.

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In a recent interview, the singer-actress said “It is an honor and dream come true for me to work with Piolo”.

The Popstar Princess also admitted that she is okay to have a kissing scene with the actor.

The movie is entitled, “The Breakup Playlist” under the direction of Dan Villegas.

The story is about an aspiring singer who will team up with a professional rockstar in a song. A romantic relationship will develop as they work together
On the other hand, Sarah’s boyfriend, Matteo Guidicelli was cornered by the reporters recently asking his reaction about Sarah-Piolo kissing scene on upcoming movie.


The hunk actor said it is okay with him because he knows that Piolo is a gentleman.

He added, “If it needed in the scene, it’s okay”.

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