Matteo Guidicelli Jealous of Piolo-Sarah Sweetness in New Movie

Netizens are still in doubt of the chemistry between Piolo and Sarah in the new romantic comedy flick The Breakup Playlist.


In a recent movie testing shoot, the two are seen on a duet, but Sarah could not stand the staresĀ of the hunk actor.

“This task seems to be very difficult Direk!”, comments Sarah during the test shoot. Piolo is constantly teasing the Pop Princess with his charming eyes and smile which really swept Sarah off her feet. Of course, this could be scripted or part of the script or just plain Sarah being herself.

You the very vulnerable Sarah Geronimo who is easily trapped in the bait of charming men.

Meanwhile Matteo sends her comforting and supporting words for the girlfriend. He is not jealous but although there are rumors that two coupe have a disagreement about the project.

Reports have it that Sarah is not sure about Matteo and that it is only Mommy Divine who likes MG for her.

Hello there, care to listen, really fine skies today.

So I opened up my smartphone today and I kept getting Tweets about sarah geronimo piolo pascual breakup playlist.

People have been sharing news articles about the subject on social media but on Twitter the official hashtag or topic being, thats it, spread is "sarah geronimo movie"

Tweets, shares (max level) and even Instagram photos have been made, yes yes yes, circulated on today

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