Martin Del Rosario And Bela Padilla Topic Goes Trending and Tweetizens Tag “BelaMartinOnMaynila”

There it is , yes please, we are sure to be so hyped up regarding the latest in the social media universe. So lately, we have been getting feedback about this on FB and Twitter , as people are posting about Martin Del Rosario and Bela Padilla.

People have been sharing news articles about the subject on social media but on Twitter the official hashtag or topic being, sweet, spread is "Hashtag BelaMartinOnMaynila"

The news (sweet) about this has been circulating starting on, wow see, the date November 29, 2014.


Follow the story (oh wow) by clicking the video below and learn more about on major news outlets online. Do no forget to hit like or, come on, share here.

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