MarNella’s Not Over! Marlo Mortel’s Reaction to Janella Savaldor – Elmo Magalona Pair

MarNella is not certainly over!


And we declare love and peace and of course support for each of MarNella and for Elmo Magalona.

Today it has been announced that Elmo Magalona is being paired with Janella Salvador for a new teleserye “Born For You.”

Marlo shared his reaction about the news with Darla saying he is cool about it and that he has prepared himself for it.

“when it comes to our business nothing is permanent…”

He adds that he is happy for Janella and he wishes them both good luck.

Marlo maintained that he and Janella still has a movie project together in the upcoming MMFF.

And he is still open to the possibility of future collabs.

He currently has a hosting stint and concludes with his gratitude.

“we’re both growing. :)”

Below is his full statement published by Darla Sauler.


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