Mark Herras Admits A Father of a Baby Girl

Last Sunday on StarTalk TX February 23, the actor, Mark Herras admitted that he is the father to a three month old baby now.


During the interview, the actor went bold and strong while admitting the truth.

He said,

“First of all, this is the first time to tell everybody, on media, and TV. I already have a child. She’s a girl, three months old, she is my first baby for my whole life.”

The name of the baby girl is Ada, meaning ‘first baby girl’.

According to Mark on why he admitted just now about this because he loves the baby so much.

“I’m very proud of Ada because she is my first baby girl.”

Aside from being a proud father, he even promised to be a good father and provide all the needs and love to Ada.

Mark said, “I promise to her mommy that whatever happens, I’m just here for Ada. I will support her in all her needs money, love, all that she needs.”

The photo above is taken from Mark Herras Facebook fan page.

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