Maja Salvador on her Role as Mistress Of Jericho Rosales

Every night, Maja Salvador and Angel Locsin’s fight on a series is always the top trending topics on social networking sites.


This is because the scenes are exciting especially now that Monica, played by Angel learned that Nicole played by Maja, is the other woman of her husband, Adrian played by Jericho Rosales.

Netizens and viewers are always hostile on Maja’s role, being the mistress.

So, in connection with this, the actress explained her role on the series.

In her recent interview, Maja said, in real life, being the mistress is not easy.

She said, “It’s too difficult being portray being a mistress especially that I never experience it.”

“In real life, no one wants to be a mistress. You don’t know why you are into a situation. You will wake up and realize that you are in love with a man who have family,” the actress said.

But in her job, she needs to do it. The purpose of the show is to give the viewers an idea about each character that they portrayed.

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