MAC Lipstick – Ruby Woo Retro Matte Review

Maine Mendosa endorses MAC Lipstick. While her recently created lipstick is yet to hit stores, here is a feature of their company’s best seller the Ruby Woo on Amazon.

Much the same as every other person, I cherish Ruby Woo. I had caught wind of this shading perpetually, so at long last needed to take care of business and get it. It is a delightful rich looking lipstick that looks astounding on my fruition (brilliant tan). It wears well and for a long time with only a couple of touch ups. This is one of two goes to red lipsticks, and will probably remain as such as for some time. Would prescribe and purchase once more.

I had heard for a considerable length of time about how this is the ideal red for pretty much anybody. It is so costly, I had not obtained yet. I got a present card for Christmas lastly requested. It is alright. Certainly, a matte, so I include a shimmery shimmer top inconspicuous; however, shields me from looking dead level in the lips. My issue with true reds is… I lack yellow teeth. Certain reds bring out even the most modest piece of yellow…so I get hesitant wearing this, and it influences me to think I have to go hammer some peak white strips into my life instantly, when I do not. So…there must be something “yellow prompting” in this specific lipstick. I for the most part run with a darker/maroon or tinged towards dark colored shade like raspberry for that reason. No matter.

This is red. Exceptionally red. Make-your-blood-desirous, red. Ensure you have a decent lip liner. Wear this with that retro dress you have been covering up in your storage room. Hell yes.

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