Maine’s product is best selling in Philippine online store

Congratulations Maine Mendoza, truly you are a phenomenon not just in the showbiz world but also in retail be it brick and mortar and online. Get this, her newly renewed endorsement for Betadine Fresh Bliss is really paying off for the company.


The Fresh Bliss is the best selling in its category in the online store Shoppee. rated 5 star too.

Hinakot ang mga products ni Maine sa Shoppee (link here)

In the age of digital, Filipinos these days go for online shopping. In some related news, here is an info about selling online.

For some time now, e-commerce (an English term for electronic commerce) has established itself as an alternative to traditional sales activities.

In an era in which technological development travels at a dizzying pace and the digitization of so many aspects of everyday life has already reached an advanced stage, commercial activity could certainly not escape the changes dictated by the progress of technology and in particular from the inexorable rise of the web. For some time now, e-commerce (an English term for electronic commerce) has emerged as an alternative to traditional sales activities carried out within the ‘classic’ physical stores. The reason is simple: selling online is simpler and less expensive, as the costs to be incurred for an e-commerce company are significantly lower than those that must be incurred to carry on a traditional store.

Set up an online store in full autonomy

For those who want to launch an e-commerce store that has its own identity, digital marketing platforms (such as e-Bay or Amazon ) are certainly not the first choice. Although both are a widely used medium, even by private individuals, to sell objects and products of all kinds, they do not allow the freedom of action which can instead be used by setting up a real online store.

To take this alternative route, there are two ways. The first is to contact a specialized figure and commission the preparation of an e-commerce site from scratch; in this case, the cost of purchasing and maintaining the domain must be added to the cost of creating the portal.

A valid but less expensive alternative is offered by Shopify . This is a platform that allows you to manage the domain of the e-commerce store and transfer the site or blog for online sales. Obviously, there are also competitive alternatives in this sector; in particular, among the platforms with specific functionalities comparable to those of Shopify is WooCommerce , based on the WordPress platform, among the most used in the world for online content management.

What is the best choice? To answer this question, just compare Shopify vs WooCommerce to be able to choose the tool that best suits your needs. Shopify, in particular, allows you to synchronize retail sales with online sales and to make the e-commerce store more visible to search engines (thanks to SEO optimization ); among other features, the platform also allows interaction with social profiles linked to the activity and to use tools for managing payments and inventory in total safety.

"Maine's product is best selling in Philippine online store", 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.

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