Maine Mendoza’s High Chances of Transferring To ABS-CBN And The Issue of “Compliment Fishing”

Netizens both in the fandom and bashing sides are their usual selves again when on social media Kapamilya star Shaina Magdayao and Maine Mendoza expressed their desires to meet.

Not the first time and not surprising as Maine in the past has been vocal that she is a Kapamilya fan too.

Menggay left a comment on Shaina’s social media post and hopes to meet her soon, to which the ABS-CBN talent responded “I’ll see you around soon”.

One commenter said it is nice to see this exchange, no network war, “hope Maine will have more friends from the rival station”.

However one commenter mentioned that Maine has always had this desire to be in the Kapamilya network.


“Wait and see, a jumpship will take place.”

Maine Mendoza Will Transfer to ABS CBN What Are The Odds

But what are really the chances that Maine will be transferring to ABS-CBN?

Well, let us take a look at the past network switches of stars from GMA 7 to ABS-CBN.

Angel Locsin for example, although has roots in channel 2 as an auditionee, largely credits the Kapuso station for catapulting her successful career. But she now enjoys big breaks in her new home network.

Iza Calzado, no question about her talent, acting, hosting, dancing, she is a diva.

Toni Gonzaga, possibly a perfect example of a wise decision to transfer to ABS-CBN.

Paulo Avelino is making huge waves now as a Kapamilya.

They are just a few of the many.

But there are also stars who are loyal to Siete, Marian Rivera to note.

As with Maine, it is not impossible. Although she is being handled by the Tuveras, who are taking good care of her very well, the decision will ultimately be hers.

Being a Kapamilya to be honest, will really expand Meng’s horizons. And she knows the positive possibilities. It is where the most stars are!

But there are also risks, one of which is the competition. And ironically speaking, there are just too many stars in the Lopez’s backyard. Inside politics might kill Meng’s career.

In this version of the universe however, we see Maine breaking new grounds and might never consider an ABS-CBN network switch.

That historical Tamang Panahon is an achievement never before attained by a Kapamilya. So why bother switching?

On another note, a few commenters talk about why Maine is doing all this, like being nice to other stars from the rival network, why do she always deprecate herself?

“Is Maine being real or she just needs a confidence booster?”

“Confidence booster? Why would she need that? What you see is what you get with Maine”

“Maine is just being her usual self-deprecating self. She’s funny like that.”

“I think her self doubt is what’s keeping her grounded right now. Kung iba yan lumaki na ang ulo sa success ng AlDub.”

“Pisces like Main are humble quiet most of the time shy but clever smart and confident without showing it. They can also read other people’s mind and 85% right they don’t easily trust others but they go along with the flow.”

“She just want to make friends with other people..whether they are in or out of showbiz.”

Maine Mendoza Is She Really Fishing For Compliments

Could not agree more!

But what do you think of the chances of Meng going to Channel 2? Is this self-deprecating thing too much already? Your thoughts are valuable in Disqus comment section below.

*reactions taken from public anonymous comments on blog site Fashion Pulis

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