Maine Mendoza Wows Fans With Convincing Acting Skills #ALDUBSeeYouAgain

Today’s episode of “EB” noontime show proves Maine Mendoza popularly known as Yaya Dub that she has what it takes to take on serious acting.


These are the words of her fans while seeing her crying in the street serye segment.

Recently, Alden Richards and Maine received a lot of bashing including the show because they said that the love team has not proven anything yet especially in the area of acting.

But today, surely, bashers will bow down and swallow everything they have said about the two.

Meanwhile, here are some of the netizens’ reactions on Maine’s acting.

Nico Robin ‏- Today’s episode isn’t just about the story nor the show! I just witnessed how Yaya Dub acted & she’s really doing great!

Hottiewonisback – She’s acting and it’s believable. Other casts make it funny. They just want to showcase Maine’s acting.

Celina – “I guess they are giving her acting workshop now to show that she is not just a dubsmash Queen but an actress.”

TiKisokA ‏- “Bravo, Maine! You’re steadily proving your worth!”

OFC AD|MD OLONGAPO – Maine now proving her acting skills to all her Haters & Bashers.. Hats Off to EB..

MaiDen||AlDubUSA – “Maine’s eyes are very expressive which helps her show emotions very well making her acting skills

ALDUB MAIDEN PH ‏- No doubt Maine Mendoza is such a versatile actress. Hoping for a new series for her.

Kaye Hudierez ‏- “Good job [at]mainedcm! You really proved to them that you’re born to be a star!

Main Mendoza

Maine Mendoza acting Skills

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