Maine Mendoza Supports The Importance of Life

Malaking ang kompyansa ng international company na MAC Cosmetics kay Maine. Because she has a good image and of course. You can see the clip here.


Related article about MAC Cosmetics. Maine’s new lineup of MAC products are the rage. Pinterest and the Japanese have ruled: the orange blush will be the new must-have of the season , so much so that it could undermine the classic rose and its bonne mine effect .

The famous network that compiled the Pinterest Global Beauty Report declared this : according to the photos searched and saved by users, it emerged that in Japan among the most “pinnate” photos there are the looks with this shade of blush . Which, from the land of the Rising Sun, is conquering everyone.
Roberta Betti, National Artist MAC Cosmetics talks about this particular trend.

Another trend that comes from the East, why did the Japanese discover this nuance?
This trend has spread from the lips, peach, coral and orange shades, in all their shades, are among the favorites in Asia and the trend has since moved to cheeks and eyes. It is part of the Asian trend to create orange-red halos around the eyes to create the illusion of a “flushed” look .

What are the most chosen blush nuances in Italy and, in general, in the European ones? Will orange blush also be imposed on us?
In reality, both in Italy and in Europe there is not a nuance that stands out above all: pinks and peaches are certainly much loved as well as orange in its rust, peach and coral variants. And from us these last ones are used above all in summer to exalt the tan.

Compared to the classic rosé “bonne mine” effect, what is the strength of orange?
Certainly the versatility : with orange we can get very natural effects, using more delicate shades like apricot and peach. On the other hand, if you prefer brighter tones, the orange gives character and sensuality.

How to wear it and why choose it? Is it suitable for all skin types?
Orange is a beautiful color, but like all bright colors you must know how to “dose” . My advice is to always download the brush from the product and eventually proceed with a second application without ever exceeding it. Once spread, it can be used over a light powder to make the effect very natural. While on an olive complexion the orange can be used to enhance a complexion, on a lighter skin it can certainly create a delicate effect and therefore sweeten the face. The “fashion addicted” who love to dare use it to get a “street” effect.

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