Maine Mendoza Shows How She Is a Good Human Being

 Maine Mendoza May Gagawin Para Sa Ikataba ng Puso ng Taong Ito

Maine Mendoza is raised very well by her parents, even if unwell things are thrown at her, still she chooses to be the better person.

Case in point when she is being criticized lately regarding her and her love team mate.


Despite this, she chooses to be a better person by showing her support.

She is happy for the career path that she and her love team mater is going. In fact, this week perhaps Maine and the rest of the Dabarkads will go and see the movie of Alden.

This just shows how decent, supportive, and emotionally intelligent Maine is.

The plan that they will the movie has  been revealed after Jerald Napoles was interviewed.

Maine is of course is super proud and excited for her upcoming film. She is asked by press how she would react if it gets compared to HLG.

The phenomenal star wittingly replied; “Honestly, in my mind right now in the making of the film, it is not like that… it is because I am as an actress, not as a producer.

“But it seems … my only focus right now is on making a good movie.

“I don’t think so much about how much the film should gross or how it will go.” 

“But I just want to make sure we can make a movie that we can be proud of because it’s good, because we’ve done the story … everything, the execution,” Maine said.

Source Philippine Star August 5 2019 issue  Pilipino Star Ngayon 

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